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Revolutionizing Architecture through 3D Scanning

3D scanning technology has revolutionized the architecture industry by providing architects and design firms with a powerful tool for capturing precise, detailed, and comprehensive data about existing buildings. One of the key benefits of using 3D scanning for architectural projects

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Bicycle Touring in Europe with MargAnn W. Turnipseed

In 1977 a book titled Bicycle Touring in Europe inspired MargAnn Wright and Don Turnipseed to buy lightweight bikes, outfit them for touring and camping, and depart for Europe. Their three-month bike journey took them from Luxembourg through Belgium, England,

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Inspiration from Nature Photography

For VRA’s Ambassador of First Impressions, Kelly LeBlanc, photography is indefinitely healing. She enjoys and appreciates photography and loves what it captures. “In Nature, nothing is perfect. Trees are bent, contorted, and they are still beautiful.” She’s been taking photos

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VergesRome Celebrates 60 Years

In celebration of 60 years of architectural design excellence in the Greater New Orleans Community, VergesRome’s family of employees gathered in the beautiful oak-lined City Park for a champagne toast, followed by an anniversary lunch at Ralph’s on the Park.

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New Orleans Artist Creates Mardi Gras Mural

During Carnival Season 2023 we welcomed local New Orleans Artist Heather Mattingly Art to create an incredible Mardi Gras-themed mural inside our building! Her work perfectly represents the fun times had in the New Orleans community during this season. VergesRome

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