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Laura LeBon Seamlessly Combines Her Passion for Architecture and Theater

Laura LeBon, a dedicated Architect at VergesRome, seamlessly combines her passion for architecture and theater in a way that truly sets her apart. Laura plays a pivotal role at VRA in producing Construction Documents for various projects, but her creativity goes beyond the realms of blueprints and plans…

Separate from VRA, Laura recently reignited her longstanding passion for theater, where she is now also working as a Production Assistant/House Manager for Fat Squirrel Productions, a dynamic theater company located in the heart of the Bywater Neighborhood on St. Claude Avenue. Over the past six months, Laura has been involved in the staging and production of Broken Codes, a science fiction play written by Benjamin Franklin English Teacher Stephanie Garrison. The play, hosted at the Big Couch venue on 3400 St. Claude, is on-stage through October 27th.

With 30 years of experience in the architecture industry, Laura found herself yearning for a creative outlet, leading her back to a passion she first discovered in High School. In fact, it was her high school theater experiences that initially revealed her love for both theater and architecture.

“While in high school, I was sitting at the sound board while the director worked with the actors on stage. It was then that I came to the conclusion that architecture was everything I loved about theater.”

Although the role of a Production Assistant/House Manager can be demanding, Laura finds profound fulfillment in the rewards it offers. She not only brings her wealth of experience to the table but also embraces the opportunity to learn from her younger cast and crewmates.

“I love the idea of working with a talented group of people with different abilities and backgrounds to create something, and then present that something to the public to enjoy.”

For Laura, the theater is not just a stage; it’s a platform where wisdom and creativity merge.

Now through October 27th, Broken Codes is being performed on-stage at Big Couch at 3400 St. Claude Avenue. Click here to purchase tickets and show support!