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Pere Rouquette Library Drone Pictures

These amazing drone pictures show the slab pour for the new Pere Rouquette Library at Saint Joseph Abbey + Seminary College.

The building is designed with three stories, with the ground floor to be used as exterior covered space for activities with easy access to the picnic grounds. The elevated structure not only reflects the elevated design of nearby Pius X Hall, but also offers protection for the seminary’s book collection in the event of flooding. The second floor will house the main collection with faculty resources for research, writing, and reading. The third floor will provide collaborative student space along with two conference rooms for small lectures and meetings. The third floor will also house the library’s collection of bound serials and offer extended hours, until 10:00 p.m., each evening.

In addition, as the seminarians love the views of their campus, the new library design will provide a nearly 360-degree panorama of the entire campus.

Renderings showing what the new Pere Rouquette Library will look like when finished can be found here.