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VergesRome Architects developed the new branch prototype design for Hancock Whitney Bank. The building design is flexible in size to allow the building to be modified depending on the program for the site. The first branch that was built is in Metairie, Louisiana on Causeway Boulevard.

The building contains 2,829 square feet and includes 5 private offices, 4 tellers, and a conference room. There are also 3 drive up lanes, a drive-up ATM and a walk-up ATM. There is a provision to add a second drive up ATM.

The interior walls of the branch are built with DIRTT walls to allow for easy modification in the future, with little disruption to the operation of the bank.

VergesRome, facility architect for the 28-story Pan American Life Center in the New Orleans CBD, was commissioned to redesign the seven-story atrium situated on Floors 21 through 27.

The program’s criteria were creation of a gathering space for Iberia Bank’s employees to enjoy lunch or breaks, and for hosting special after-hours events. VRA added a monumental stair of glass and steel for easy access from an upper floor to the heart of the space. Materials of weathered wood flooring integrated with turf and carpet systems reflect and connect to the outdoors. The new kitchen and conference room design correspond to the atrium finishes and design. Retractable Nana Wall glass wall systems that separate the kitchen and conference room from the atrium when closed can open to the atrium and adjacent spaces.

VergesRome Architects is proud to have been selected to work with First NBC Bank, chartered in Louisiana in May 2006, to design its first branch offices in the greater New Orleans region. The new bank’s entry into post-Katrina New Orleans was a welcome boost to the community, due to the bank’s extensive local ownership and commitment to the rebuilding of the city. The first branch facility, completed in September 2008, is in the Elmwood area to serve Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

Design for this state-of-the-art banking facility utilized the conversion of a former restaurant building. The interior columns and elegant floor pattern of matte and polished marble reflect the grand banking lobby of First NBC Bank’s headquarters in the New Orleans CBD. VRA worked with the bank’s team in designing a flagship branch to brand the First NBC image, with traditional New Orleans influences: the hipped roof and working shutters.