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McNeese Health and Human Performance Building – Hurricane Recovery


The team of Page + VergesRome Architects was chosen to restore the Health and Human Performance building at McNeese State University from damages from Hurricane Laura.  The 165,000 square foot building lost 75% of the roof during the storm.  Additionally, the building sustained substantial damage to exterior walls, losing major sections of the wall system.  The damage extended throughout the building and allowed water to infiltrate from all sides.  Within days of being selected for this project the Page +VRA team was onsite assessing the damage and putting together the restoration plans and specifications.  The first phase was to replace the roof to stop further damage.  The bid documents for the roof was put out to bid within 14 days of being selected for the project.  The bid package calls for the critical portions of the roof to be watertight within two weeks of starting the roof replacement. The University set a milestone of January 8, 2021 to welcome students back to the campus.  Page + VRA is working closely with McNeese State University administration to prioritize areas of the building that are needed for early January.  The project will be completed in phases starting with the roofing contract.  The first phase on the balance of the project will be completed in mid-January 2021 and the final completion of the restoration will be complete in August 2021.