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Eagan Insurance Office Building

The client, a growing, premier Gulf South insurance agency, desired an attractive office building for its highly visible site along Highway 190, the main north-south vehicular corridor linking Covington, Louisiana to New Orleans.

Compliance with St. Tammany Parish’s stringent zoning regulations presented challenges, but VergesRome Architects maximized the potential for the growing company’s Northshore flagship. VRA’s design for a versatile, daylight-filled one-story building with 14-foot ceiling heights, takes advantage of woodland views on the east and south of the site as the Client requested.

Curtain wall solar glazing was an optimal design solution for the east and south elevations, both protected and shaded by adjacent woodlands, and extended overhangs on the south side.

VRA took advantage of the building’s site orientation for passive solar concepts to minimize heat gain and maximize shading potential from the setting western sun. Prodema (Barcelona, Spain) slat panels aid in shielding the harsh western sun in the afternoons.

The use of white concrete masonry and teak wood on the façade reflects the Client’s passion for sailing, and contrasts with adjacent office buildings that are dark painted stucco. The floor plan provides an open office work area on the west side of the building. Private offices are located along the east side.

Construction on the 5,000 SF offices of Eagan Insurance Company was completed in July 2014, at a cost of approximately $1.8 Million.