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Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center

The Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center is located at 2020 Jackson Avenue in Central City. The Complex is an important resource in a neighborhood with a long history of advocacy for disadvantaged individuals and groups. In addition to the designated programs of childcare, senior citizen care, public health services and educational opportunity training, the Complex is a hub of political and social activity. It provides meeting spaces for community forums and district planning meetings, provides rental space for a privately run health clinic and provides basic public health screenings.

The existing Senior Center and Edna Pilsbury Buildings received roof repairs and replacement of HVAC systems. Renovations to the Multi-Media Center and Daycare Administration Building will include a Head Start Nursery facility and a branch of the New Orleans Library. The renovated facility, positioned on the Jackson Avenue frontage, will present a welcoming image for the surrounding community, connecting visually to the existing buildings on the campus while reflecting the neighborhood’s vernacular 19th and early 20th century retail architecture.

Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center Before Renovations