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400 Royal Street Courthouse Interiors

In 1997, Steven H. Rome was retained by the Governor’s Advisory Board and the Louisiana Supreme Court to assist in determining the most feasible location for Louisiana’s highest court to call home–after fifteen years of governmental indecision on the issue. Historical documents were accumulated to create a booklet that was presented to the legislative assembly as an impartial recommendation to keep the Supreme Court in New Orleans and return it to its former home and original splendor at the historic Beaux Arts courthouse at 400 Royal Street.

In 2004, under a separate Phase, VRA developed and implemented the Interiors, Furniture, and Furnishings Program for multiple End Users including Supreme Court of Louisiana, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Law Library of Louisiana, Judicial Administrator’s Office, and Attorney General’s New Orleans office, all of which relocated to 400 Royal Street upon completion of the 200,000 SF, $32 Million renovation.