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Kay Champagne, Design Professional - VergesRome Architects

Kay Champagne

Design Professional – Architecture

Hailing from Cajun Country, Kay migrated east to pursue architecture at Louisiana State University. During her studies, Kay traveled abroad to Finland to study Architecture with a focus on Urban Planning. Through these studies, she gained extensive knowledge of GIS systems and enhanced her knowledge of designing with respect to the natural environment. She believes that the management of the natural environment requires an appreciation of the interactions between two complex adaptive systems – the built environment and the natural environment.

Prior to joining VergesRome Architects, Kay’s architectural experience focused on historic preservation within the New Orleans French Quarter with a focus on hospitality and restaurant design. Kay strives to push forward the use of advanced software to create architecture that is a register of our time and a reference to our place.

When not in the studio, you can spot Kay and her family at various parks and playgrounds around New Orleans, putting her model making skills to use by fabricating intricate custom cakes, or tinkering with her vintage ’77 Honda CB motorcycle and riding around the city.

Team Member Since:  2018

Education:  Bachelor of Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2009