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David Schneider

Construction Contract Administrator

David Schneider is a project manager and construction administrator for VRA. He has extensive experience in commercial real estate development, project management and as a real estate broker, giving him valuable perspective for construction management phase of projects. David has substantial knowledge of roofing systems, having overseen more than 2 million square feet of roof installation and replacement.

He started out working in his father’s construction company, which specialized in historic renovation in uptown New Orleans. David went on to work in the marine industry, beginning as a laborer and eventually becoming project manager for the construction of offshore vessels, US Navy hover crafts and the first USCG Self-Righting Motor Boats ever built. After some time as a project manager for an industrial radiography company, David became a real estate broker, VP of development and construction for a REIT and then president of a local real estate company. He also oversaw construction of the United States Olympic Committee headquarters in Colorado Springs. After Hurricane Katrina, David worked for Jacobs/CSRS on Recovery School District projects and was a project manager for Hurricane Sandy recovery work through the National Park Service.

Team Member Since: 2013