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Whitney Bank Lakeside Mall - VergesRome ArchitectsWhitney Bank is building a new bank branch next to the Lakeside Mall where the Goodyear Tire store formerly stood.  This branch will replace the current store at the corner of North Causeway Boulevard and 17th Street.

Designed by VergesRome Architects, the new building will include a 2,800 square foot office with three drive-up teller lanes and several ATM machines. The general contractor is Labadot Construction.

VergesRome Architects, Pere Rouquette Library, Saint Joseph Abbey + Seminary CollegeOn February 27, 2016, Saint Joseph Abbey + Seminary College broke ground on its first new building in more than half a century, the Pere Rouquette Library.

Once completed, the three-story library, named after Father Adrien Rouquette, the first native-born Louisianian to be ordained to the priesthood, will encompass approximately 18,000 square feet to include space for a 45,000-volume book collection, support offices, collaboration clusters, computer stations, storage, tech centers, classroom and other service areas to support the operations.

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